Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Father's Day Gift

So, what is everyone getting their fathers, grandfathers or husbands/boyfriends for Father’s Day? As usual, every year I’m at a complete loss as to what to get my father. For one he has everything and two, he’s just not that complex. He’s a business man and a sports lover so what that sometimes comes down to is a tie or a book about some baseball something or other that he may or may not already have. This year I decided to go with a common gift for others but something I never remember giving my dad… cologne. My dad wears cologne and always smells good to me but has been wearing the same thing since I can remember, Lagerfeld or Drakkar. I admit to liking both of these scents at one time but to be honest Drakkar just reminds me of the boys in 8th grade overloading on this already strong scent. I loved it but now I think it can be just a little too overpowering. I still like Lagerfeld and the smell will always remind me of my daddy. It might just be me but I think my dad needs to be brought in the 21st century. :o) After smelling several colognes, I decided on Eternity Summer. Now, I’ve always loved Eternity for Men (and just about all of the Calvin Klein fragrances) but Eternity Summer is much lighter and just plain smells great! I personally love to match my scents to the seasons and I think this is a great idea for men too. This is a limited edition scent and I made my purchase during a one day Macy’s sale and got a free Calvin Klein duffle bag and a cooler with a radio on it. (*sidebar* A cooler with a radio on it? When the saleswoman was handing it to me she said, I guess Macy’s is desperate for sales! LOL)

This is how Sephora’s website describes the scent:

Eternity Summer For Men
ETERNITY summer for men is a new, limited-edition fragrance that captures a peaceful afternoon by the sea, complete with fresh air, romantic waves, and delicate grasses swaying in the breeze. A fruit-inspired scent, ETERNITY summer for men opens with a splash of citrus. Its middle greets you with subtle, aromatic notes. On the dry down, the senses are lured with rich, warm woods, and sensual spices.

Notes:Blue Rush Accord, Herbaceous Complex, Guaiac Wood.Style:Fresh. Uplifting. Bright.

Check it out for your loved one on Father’s Day!

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Alex said...

Good post!! I am living far away from home.. Got a father's day special greeting card from American Greetings and send it to my dad.