Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 Things I Learned in Cancun

1) A little UDPP goes a looooooooong way baby! - I just have to say I truly put UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion- for those of you not familiar with it, its eyeshadow base) to the test! At one point, I put UDPP under my mac eyeshadow in the morning, went out and was on the beach all day – sweating in the sun, swimming in the ocean- and my eyeshadow went nowhere! I went to bed without washing it off and it was STILL on when I got up in the morning! That stuff was going nowhere until I took it off with makeup remover. Now THAT is what I call staying power!!

2) SPF 30 is NOT enough in Mexico – Yes ladies, I did get a sunburn but honestly I just don’t know how. If I use any kind of SPF product at home, I get not even a hint of sun color. Well, apparently since Mexico is closer to the equator, SPF 30 still doesn’t do the job. My nose, forehead and back were pretty burned. After that day, I used my cousin’s SPF 60 and that seemed to work. I was really frustrated with the burn especially on my face but I guess it happens. I know next time to get the max SPF I could find.

3) Mac Fix + is helpful for a sunburn on your face – When I left for my trip, I’d only had Mac Fix + for about a week or so. I thought it was cool but didn’t really notice much of a difference or effect on my skin. But once I was there, that was all I used, instead of moisturizer and it was a life saver. I probably sprayed it on my face about 3 times a day. It was cool and refreshing and surprisingly, the skin on my face peeled minimally. I didn’t break out while I was there and I really think that helped tremendously.

4) Salt water does wonders for your skin. – Not only do I think the Mac Fix+ helped me, but I also think the salt water had a lot to do with it. Usually, during the summer months when I sweat a little more, I tend to break out a little. Not in Cancun! My skin remained great the entire time I was there and actually is still doing pretty well and I’ve been back for 2 weeks. Nice.

5) No, I would not like to be 18 again thank you very much. – We just happened to, unbeknownst to us, be in Cancun during Grad Week. I don’t mean graduation from college either… I mean high school. This meant we had teeny boppers running around the hotel and beach at all times. Not only did I feel old (is 32 old??) but I kept thinking, Was I that obnoxious at 18?? I don’t think so but I wouldn’t want to go back to find out.

6) Margaritas on a white sandy beach with a crystal blue ocean somehow taste so much better. – enough said… Deliciouso!!

7) You can’t expect to eat a wonderful buffet breakfast every morning and not expect to gain weight. – Yes, it is a fact that if you eat french toast every single morning, you will get a little on the pudgy side…just in case you didn’t know...

8) Houston is hot. Mexico is hot. Houston has WAY more air conditioning, minus the blue ocean view (no, Galveston doesn’t count…no blue water there!). – Ok, I’m used to the humidity and heat. I live in Houston, Texas land of the hot and steamy. But, it was also our unfortunate luck that the air conditioning in our hotel broke and for the majority of the trip, our room was pretty warm. Call me crazy but I can actually say I missed my a/c filled apartment and looked forward to coming home. There is only so much heat I can take. I still miss that ocean view though!

9) I’m not just a gold jewelry person. I’ve officially converted to silver! – I had no idea silver was so cheap in Mexico. Check out my haul…

10) I’m not as much as a party person as I thought. - Lying on the beach with a waitress bringing me an ice cold margarita whenever I wanted it was better than going to any club!

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That first pic is breath taking, the polished toes was an added bonus ;) Wow, the water is gorgeous!!!