Monday, May 12, 2008

Doctor Burt's (Burt's Bees) Herbal Blemish Stick aka Miracle Worker!

Ok, as I said earlier, my skin isn’t perfect. I’m now at an age where I thought my hormones would stop reeking havoc on my face but Noooooo!!! So, unfortunately I have the occasional red, beneath the skin, make you want to slap your mama because it hurts so bad, swollen bump. Since I actually started following a real skin care regimen, these bumps have been less often. Never the less, I still get them from time to time. I actually came across this wonderful- should I say miracle?- product when I was having a bad back break out. I was at my local Ulta cosmetics store on my lunch hour and I came across this Doctor Burt's Herbal Blemish Stick (from Burt's Bees line). I noticed it had tea tree oil in it and I’ve always heard that was good for the healing process. It also has something called Willow Bark that apparently works similarly to Salicylic Acid. I applied this to my skin the minute I got in the car. I have to say that I started noticing the redness and the soreness of the bump go away almost instantly. It was incredible! I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but when you are as frustrated as I was, you might have been shouting from the rooftops! lol The stick itself resembles one of those little roll on lip glosses I had as a pre-teen. However, the smell isn’t the greatest. It smells like really strong licorice but it dissipates so don’t think you will walk around smelling like that. All you do is apply the roll on to the actual bump. It goes on slightly wet but dries almost instantly. I carry this around in my purse and if I have a bump, I apply it throughout the day. It doesn’t dry my skin or have any sort of color to it. So, if you are like me and get these dreadful bumps/pimples that just won’t go away, try this. I promise, you won’t be sorry.

Doctor Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick


Torrie said...

True story...I just go thru working on one of these bumps, lol. I will def try this. Thanks ma'am!!

Fabu-less Beauty said...

Hello...I came across your blog from total beauty. Anyways, I usually just use straight up tea tree oil for spot blemishes. It smells horrible but it works. Stop by my blog as well =)