Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Howdy Zazazu-ers!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog, Beauty Zazazu! Where I will talk about my various beauty finds, from make up to fashion-- in addition to whatever else is going on in my life or just what I feel like talking about that day. LOL! :) This is my first shot at a blog so please feel free to leave your feedback or thoughts (be kind!). I hope you will enjoy my first blogging attempt!

Much love and lots of Zazazu,
Pretty N Pink - aka Jenny


Torrie said...

you have got that special somethin girl....let's get beautified!!!

ilurvemakeup said...

PnP!!! You finally made a blog, why didn't you post and tell me? :) I hope this is the same PreetynPink that posted awhile ago on my chatbox :) If not, oops sorry hehe :s